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Other Exemptions

Destroyed Property               Chapter 84.70 RCW

What Property Is Eligible For A Reduction Of Value?

Any real or personal property that has been placed upon the assessment roll as of January 1 of the assessment year in which the property was destroyed, in whole or in part, or is in an area that has been declared a disaster area by the governor or the county legislative authority and has been reduced in value by more than 20 percent, may be eligible.

An Application must be filed within three years of the date of destruction or reduction in value.

Abatement of Taxes

Taxes levied for collection in the year the assessed value has been reduced shall be abated in whole or in part.  The amount of abatement shall be determined by calculating the taxes on the amount deducted from the assessed value for the number of days that remained in the calendar year after the date of destruction or reduction in value of the property.  If taxes abated have already been paid, the amount paid shall be refunded.  Abatement of taxes in the year of destruction does not apply to property damaged or destroyed voluntarily.

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Home Improvement

RCW 84.36.400 Exempts from taxation any physical improvement to a detached single family dwelling for the three assessment years subsequent to the completion of the improvement, up to 30% of the value of the original structure.  This can provide substantial tax savings for homeowners who remodel or expand their homes.  For example, the owner of a house inWalla Walla assessed at $100,000 with an improvement of $30,000 could save over $1,350 in property taxes during the course of the exemption.  This home improvement exemption may be claimed only once in a 5-year period.

Normal maintenance work does not qualify for this exemption. Notice to claim the exemption must be filed prior to construction of the improvement.

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Historic Property

The actual cost of substantial improvements to eligible historic property (which cost is 25% or greater of the assessed value of the historic structure prior to rehabilitation) may be excluded from the assessed value of such property for a period of ten years (RCW 84.26.030).  Applications for this exemption are furnished by the Assessor and approved by the Historical Preservation Board of the jurisdiction within which the property is located.

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Exempt Propery

RCW’s 84.36.030 through 84.36.350 allow tax exemptions for property used in character building, benevolent, protective or rehabilitative social services, veterans and relief organizations, art, scientific and historical collections, etc.  Exemption must be claimed annually and ceases upon cessation of the exemption-qualifying use of the property.  Applications must be made to the state Department of Revenue.

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