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Civil Cases include general civil actions with damage claims in the maximum amount of $100,000 (effective 7-24-15) .

The court does not hear cases involving title to or possession of real property.

Additionally, small claims actions with money claims are awarded in the maximum amount of $5,000.

The Small Claims Court may only grant judgment for monetary damages. The court may not order the party to return property or do anything except pay money.

(Effective 7/24/17)






Small Claims


Cross Complaints


Small Claim




To Elevate Small Claim


Certified Copies





Supplemental Proceedings


IE: Debtors Exams, Transcripts, Subpoenas


Name Changes

$93 to District Court and $99.00 to Walla Walla County Auditor


Civil Appeal Fees

$230.00 Paid to Superior Court $40.00 Paid to District Court


**For Criminal Appeal Fees**




Please contact the Walla Walla Superior Court