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The Walla Walla Emergency Management Citizen Alert system is able to alert residents about severe weather, fires, floods, toxic environmental issues, radiological events and other emergencies. Messages can be sent to residents on any communication path desired – cell phone, home phone, email, text messaging, fax, pager, PDA and more – ensuring that residents receive life-saving emergency information and important public service announcements in minutes. Citizens listed in the County’s white pages landline phone database are automatically subscribed to emergency alerts by phone. Citizens may also self-register their cell phone, VOIP phone, email, text message device, fax, and pager.

Sign up for the Walla Walla Emergency Management Citizen Alert system by clicking on the icon below:

Walla Walla Emergency Management Citizen Alert Sign-Up Instructions.

July 1, 2014

Following up on a concern expressed in the elected officials and department heads meeting this morning, below please find a news release issued jointly by the county commissioners and all the chiefs of the county fire protection districts regarding risks and the high possibility of wheat fires and an outlook for a bad fire season, and encouraging fire and fireworks safety and caution. 



Please click HERE to complete the Walla Walla Walla Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (WWVMPO) and Sub-Regional Transportation Planning Organization (SRTPO) online survey.

The survey is compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, in addition to desktops and laptops. However, it is not compatible with Android devices.

If you prefer, you may print and complete a hard-copy version of the survey and mail it to:

Alicia Shyu Love, Office Assistant
Walla Walla Valley Metropolitan
Planning Organization
210 N. 2nd Ave.
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Click HERE to access a hard-copy (PDF) version of the survey.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Berney Elementary School in Walla Walla. As participants in the October 17, 2013 Great Washington Shakeout earthquake drill, they were awarded a $100 gift card in a random drawing.

We appreciate their participation. Knowing to 'drop, cover and hold on' in an earthquake is something we all should learn and practice.

Pictured below is Berney School Principal, Mrs. Krutulis, with the certificate of appreciation issued by Washington State Emergency Management Division.



American Academy of Pediatrics Pediatric Preparedness Resource Kit

Emergency Preparedness Active Shooter Video

After the July 2012 shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colo., the city of Houston's Public Safety Office released a how-to video on surviving a shooter event.  You may access the video by clicking on the image below:

Spanish Language Version: CORRA. ESCONDASE. PELEE. Sobreviviendo un Tiroteo. Versión en Español.


Video Credit: City of Bellevue Office of Emergency Management

The next time disaster strikes, you may not have much time to act. Prepare now for a sudden emergency.

Family Emergency Preparedness

Hazard Mitigation

We can’t prevent the disaster from occurring, but we can prevent or limit damage. See what you can do to protect your family, business and property. 

Hazard Mitigation

Storm Ready


Walla Walla County is the first county in the Pendleton Weather Service coverage area within the State of Washington to receive this designation. Significant effort goes into obtaining the designation. Eligibility requirements include establishment of a 24-hour warning point and emergency operations center, having more than one method of receiving severe weather information and alerting the public, creating a system that monitors local weather conditions and developing a formal hazardous weather plan.

Weather Radio

Get weather reports, forecasts and weather warnings through NOAA weather radio.  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration broadcasts weather information on several frequencies in our area.  The signals may be received by a weather radio, which can be purchased at most electronics stores for $30-60.  When severe weather approaches, the radio will sound an alarm and activate an audio message about the weather.  See the NOAA Weather Radio web site.

Review Plans

Walla Walla County Emergency Management prepares, coordinates or contributes to several disaster response plans.  Review the plans here.

Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Analysis / Hazard Mitigation Plan
Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan
Community Wildfire Protection Plan
Walla Walla County Continuity of Operations Plan with Pandemic Annex  
City of Walla Walla Evacuation Brochure  
City of College Place Evacuation Brochure

About Us and What We Do

Walla Walla County Emergency Management Department provides services to Walla Walla County and the Cities of Prescott, Waitsburg, College Place and Walla Walla. 

Read about our mission and strategic plan.

Business Disaster Plan

Is your business prepared for a disaster?  Learn what you can do and how Emergency Management can help.

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