Harvey Crowder,Interim Director
Telephone:  509-524-2920
Confidential Fax:  509-524-2993
1520 Kelly Place,
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Contact Information
P.O.  Box  1595
Walla Walla, WA 99362
E-Mail:  croberts@co.walla-walla.wa.us

Welcome to Human Services

Our Mission… to provide quality intervention, support services and financial oversight to our community in the areas of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Chemical Dependency. Our Values… to treat those we serve with both dignity and respect.  Through intervention and support we strive to promote recovery, instill hope and empowerment to assist people in leading healthy, productive lives within their own community by collaborating with our community partners and facilitating community inclusion.

The Department of Human Services… in partnership with our stakeholders, strive to provide quality services in Mental Health, and other program areas such as Developmental Disabilities:  Birth to Three, Parent to Parent, Chemical Dependency:  Community Mobilization/Prevention, DUI Traffic Safety, Housing programs: Transitional Housing Permanent Supportive housing and other service contracts on behalf of our community’s most vulnerable citizens.

We are committed to providing outstanding financial and contractual oversight for these areas and are responsible for promoting effective interaction with partner agencies and informal support systems to ensure health and recovery in supporting people in our rural community. 

It is our intent and commitment to you to enhance our transparency and create further clarity around the scope of our services, either directly or  through contractual relationships.

To further that end, we look to reinstate the Human Services Advisory Board (HSAB) by integrating both mental health and developmental disabilities into our current chemical dependency advisory board.  This Board will  assist  the community in  developing a better understanding regarding the various systems we oversee and provide a voice toward the  Department’s strategic plan or contracts that drive  services provided by our Department and our provider network.

Finally, we wish to express gratitude and thanks to those stakeholders who have provided support and advocacy during these economically challenging times.