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Supplemental Nutrion Assitance Program Education

The SNAP ED Program gives a variety of students the chance to try recipes made from produce and other healthy foods.
Walla Walla County schools and the County Health Department work together with a variety of students
to give them this chance to sample healthy, tasty foods.

SNAP ED Recipes
Recetas de SNAP ED

Recipes in English Recetas en Español
Smoothy Strawberry Banana
Root Vegetable Salad
Cabbage Salad Rollups
Lentil-Celery Salad
Fruit Kebabs for the Family
Plant Part Salad
Butternut Squash Soup
Carrot Jicama Root Vegetable Salad
Onion Quiche
Quinoa Summer Salad
Edamame (young soybeans) Hummus
Whole Grain Waffles
Smoothy de Fresa y Plátano
Ensalada de verduras con raiz
Ensalada de col enrollado
Ensalada de apio y lentejas
Palos de fruta para la Familia
Ensalada parte de planta
Sopa de calabaza butternut
Zanahoria Jicama y Raíz Ensalada
Quiche de cebolla
Ensalada de verano quinoa
Hummus de edamame (soya jóvenes)
Gofres de grano entero



More information about SNAP ED http://snap.nal.usda.gov/


Posted: 11/2/2012