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2017 Docket - Comprehensive Plan and
Development Regulations Amendments

Planning Commission Materials

BOCC Resolution 17-197 Setting the Final Docket
Notice of BOCC Public Hearing on REZ17-002/CPA17-002

Staff Report for June 26 BOCC Workshop

Planning Commission Resolution 17-03 - recommending applications for Final Docket

Notice of Public Hearing for June 7 Planning Commission Public Hearing

Notice of October 4 Informational Public Meeting and Planning Commission Public Hearing

Staff Report for October 31 BOCC Workshop
Planning Commission Resolution 17-04 - final docket recommendations
Notice of Public Hearing - BOCC November 27
Staff Report - November 27 BOCC Public Hearing
Notice of Public Hearing - BOCC  December 12

2017 Final Docket Applications


Roberta Cavalli

Site-specific applications by Roberta Cavalli to change the land use designation from Agriculture Residential to Rural Residential 5 and rezone an 18.27-acre parcel at the intersection of Wallula Avenue and McKinney Road from AR-10 to RR-5 (APN 350727420010).

CPA17-001 Application
REZ17-001 Application
SEPA17-008 Environmental Checklist
Staff Report: June 7 PC Hearing
SEPA17-008 DNS
Staff Report: October 4 PC Hearing


Brent Knowles

Application by Brent Knowles to amend WWCC Chapter 17.31, Development Standards – Cluster Developments on Resource Lands.  The amendments would increase the allowed average lot size for residential lots in a cluster subdivision; increase the maximum allowed lot size of cluster lots; allow the creation of 20-acre lots in the AR-10 zone; and revise the code as it pertains to density transfers.

ZCA17-002 Application
SEPA17-009 Environmental Checklist
Staff Report: June 7 PC Hearing
SEPA17-009 DNS
Staff Report: October 4 PC
Letter from Jared Hawkins dated 10-26-17


J.R. Simplot Company

Site-specific Comprehensive Plan amendment and rezone applications to add a 160-acre property (Parcel A) to the Attalia Industrial Urban Growth Area, change the land use and zoning designations from Primary Agriculture/PA-40 to Industrial Agriculture/IA-M, and remove the Unique Lands designation shown on Comprehensive Plan Map RL-10.  This property is located north of the existing UGA boundary and north of Dodd Road.  Secondly, the applications would remove a 160-acre property (Parcel B) on Dodd Road from the Attalia Urban Growth Area and change the land use and zoning from Industrial Agriculture/IA-M to Primary Agriculture/PA-40. (APN 310822110002, 310826410004)

CPA17-002 Application
REZ17-002 Application   SEPA17-014 Environmental Checklist
SEPA17-014 DNS
Staff Report: October 4 PC
Staff Report - Attachment 10: October 4 PC Hearing
Public Comment from Buchanan 09-29-17 
Public Comment from Stuart Turner 10-03-17 
Applicant's Maps and Table submitted at 10-04-17 hearing
Public Comment Letter from Steve Morasch (for Buchanan) dated 10-11-17