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Burn Control Overview

Each Weekday the Washington State Department of Ecology (ECO) monitors weather conditions and makes a daily burn decision for Agricultural burns only. ECO then notifies the local Burn Control Officer who reviews their decision, montiors local conditions and makes a daily burn decision for Residential burns only. Burning is permitted when conditions will allow smoke to rise fast and to dissipate rapidly. The local decision may be different from the Agricutural decision but it will never be more restrictive.

Residential Burn Decision Line: 509-524-2612. Please call after 9:30 AM daily.

Burn permit holders may renew in 3 ways - in person at the above address, by check mailed to the above address or by calling the Burn Control Officer directly at 509-524-2616 to renew with a credit or debit card.

In an attempt to avoid any illegal burning, please read the following educational material. There are six main types of outdoor burning that we see in and around Walla Walla:

Recreational Burns - These are small “warming” type fire pits. These fires are restricted to no more 3 feet X 3 feet wide and 2 feet in height.  In Walla Walla County all recreational burns must be located at least 25 feet from combustibles unless approved by the County Fire Marshal. This type of burn is NOT subject to the same hours listed in the Residential Burn Decision.

Fence Line Burns – These are small burns limited to either side of a fence line for burning tumbleweeds. There is no permit for this burn but the WWFD in your district should be notified before burning. This type of burn is subject to the same hours listed in the Residential Burn Decision.

Burn Barrels – These are illegal in the entire state of Washington. There is no permit that you can get that will allow this type of burning.

Residential Burns – These are burns allowed in the County outside the Urban Growth Areas (UGA). These have to be no more than 4 feet X 4 feet wide and 3 feet in height. Residential Burns must be 50 feet from combustibles. Permits for this type of burn are $30 and are good for one year. This type of burn is subject to the hours as listed in the Residential Burn Decision.

Bonfires – These are large fires no more than 10 feet in diameter.  They require an inspection by the County Fire Marshal and must be purchased at least one week in advance.  Bonfires must be 50 feet from combustibles.  Permits for this type of burn are $75 and good for only a specific day and time.

Agricultural Burning - These types of permits are issued by the Department of Ecology (ECO) Burn Team at 509-329-3400 and regulated directly through Spokane’s ECO office. The Walla Walla County Conservation District is the local permitting authority for agricultural burning. Please call them at 509-522-6340 for more information. Complaints about Agricultural burnining should be forwarded to 866-211-6284.

Requirements for all burning in Walla Walla County:

  1. Only natural vegetation can be burned in ANY outdoor fire.
  2. Someone must be monitoring the fire at all times with a water source available significant to control the burn.
  3. If any fire creates a public safety hazard, nuisance or interferes with the right of a person to enjoy their property it must be extinguished immediately.

Please do not hesitate to call the Burn Control Officer with questions at 509-524-2616.

Thank You.