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Code Compliance

You have several options to report a complaint about building, land use, fire or environmental code violation. If you have a concern or potential code violation in your neighborhood, feel free to email staff, fill out a Code Violation Complaint Form or use the eTRAKiT website to fill in an online form.

Keep in mind, the more specific and detailed information you're able to provide about the owner and address or parcel number, and the complaint in general, the better we will be able to process it and the quicker we will be able to respond. It is our policy to respond within two working days. You may file an anonymous complaint, however if there is more information needed and we do not have the complainant to contact that could result in a delay. If you choose to sign your name you would still remain anonymous, unless a Public Records Request is filed, or an action ends up in court.

In addition to investigating planning and building code violations, our code compliance staff also investigates nuisances under Walla Walla County Code Chapter 8.24. These regulations cover all manner of debris, vehicles and excess vegetation. Keep in mind that there are different land use and nuisance regulations depending on the zoning of the particular property. Should you have any questions about which codes apply to which properties, please do not hesitate to contact the Code Compliance Officer at 509-524-2616.

Thank You.

County Code Chapter 8.24
Code Violation Complaint Form