County Public Health and Legislative Building
314 West Main Street
2nd floor - Room 203
P.O. Box 1506
Walla Walla, WA 99362



Project Management Team

Meetings are the first Tuesday of each month unless otherwise noted.
Meetings are held on the 2nd Floor of the Walla Walla County Public Health and Legislative Buliding at 314 W. Main Street.

Project Management Team Members
City of Prescott:  Chuck Kimzey (city councilmember)
City of Waitsburg:  K.C. Kuykendall (city councilmember)
City of Walla Walla:  Elizabeth Chamberlain (Director, Development Services)
Walla Walla County:  Jim Johnson (county commissioner)
Project Team Leader: Bill Stalzer, consultant

Administrative Documents
RFP Process 2013 
9-23-13 The Watershed Company Consultant Agreement


Meeting Summaries and Materials

December 6, 2016


November 1 , 2016
4:00 PM

Memo: Ecology Grant Budget

Final Draft - Comment Respones
Draft User's Guide Outline 
Memo: Year 3 Budget Status Summary

October 4, 2016
4:00 PM

Draft minutes for review - 06/14/16

Memo: Grant Budget 
Year 3 Budget Status Summary
Section 7.1.3 of Intergovernmental Agreement
Matrix of comments received by Ecology during State comment period 
Letter from Steven Pao
Letter from Gretchen Kaehler (DAHP)  
Comments from Renee Hadly, Conservation District

September 6, 2016


August 2, 2016


July 5, 2016


June 14, 2016

Draft minutes for review - 05/03/16 
Memorandum: Grant Budget Status

May 3, 2016

Draft minutes for review - 04/06/16 
Memorandum - Ecology Grant Budget Status

April 6, 2016

Draft minutes for review - 03/09/16
Memorandum - Grant Budget Status
Monthly Hours Report
Monthly Charges Report

March 9, 2016

Draft minutes for review - 01/05/16
Status Report
4th Quarter Progress Report - 12/31/15

News Release - February Meetings

Yellowhawk Creek Meeting Notice

News Release - March Meetings in Prescott and Waitsburg

Year 3 Schedule

January 5, 2016

Draft minutes for review - 111015
Memo: Grant Budget Status

Memo: Local Adoption Meeting Schedule

November 10, 2015

Draft Minutes for Reivew - 101315

Memo from Bill Stalzer - Yellowhawk Creek Buffer 
Detailed Year 3 Schedule

October 13, 2015

Draft Minutes for Review - 09/23/15

Comments from the Department of Ecology10/07/2015
Year 3 Schedule
Year 3 Budget Summary
Intergovernmental Agreement
Memo from Bill Stalzer - Yellowhawk Creek Buffer
Memo from Dan Nickel - Yellowhawk Creek Buffer

Email from KC Kuykendall - 09/23/15

September 23, 2015

Draft Minutes for Review - 061715

Year 3 Schedule

June 17, 2015

Draft Minutes for Review - 060215
Ecology letter suspending funding and County response
Memo: Status of Initial Costs Funds
Stalzer Invoices January - June 2013
Compiled Working Draft Regional Shoreline Master Program 061515
Ecology Grant Budget Status

June 2, 2015

Draft Minutes for Review - 12/02/14 and 05/12/15
Memo: May Community Meetings
Memo: RWG Meetings
Ecology Grant Budget Status (053015)
Project Management Monthly Hours 2014
Project Management Monthly Hours 2015, Jan - May

May 12, 2015

Meeting Minutes
Draft Minutes for Review - 110414
Memo: Ecology Grant Budget Status 051115
Project Schedule

December 2, 2014

Memorandum on Grant Budget Summary and Projections

Grant Budget Status October 30 2014
2014 Yearly Hours Status
2014 Monthly Invoice Charges
Updated 2015 Monthly Hours Budget

November 3, 2014

Meeting Minutes

July 15, 2014

Meeting Minutes
Memo to Dept of Ecology jurisdiction_whetstone

Email Whetstone Hollow and Dry Creek Dan Nickel
Memo PMT Whetstone and Dry Creek
DRAFT Community Meetings_Flyer_
DRAFT SMP Community Survey

June 3, 2014


Meeting Minutes
Memo PMT Jun 3 2014 Meeting

PMT March 4 2014 mtg minutes DRAFT
SMP Regional Working Group Materials
WW SMP Budget Status prepared 5-29-14
2014 1st Quarter Report WW SMP

March 4, 2014

Short letter re Whetstone Hollow Creek

Short Ltr WWC SMP Quarterly Rpt
Short Ltr WWC SMP Shoreline Jurisdiction Task 4
Short Ltr WWC SMP Shoreline Inventory Task 5A
Walla Walla RSMP - Followup Jurisdiction Summary
Walla Walla RSMP - Followup Jurisdiction Summary for Whetstone Hollow
Walla Walla RSMP - Proposed Shoreline Jurisdiction Summary
WWC SMP Budget Status

December 3, 2013

Meeting Minutes
Memo from Bill Stalzer re Budget

List of Regional Working Group Members

November 12, 2013

Memo PMT re Ecology SMP Planners Mtgs

Draft Public Information Mtg 10-29-13 Summary
List of SMP Regional Working Group Members
Memo Regional Working Group Meeting
SMP Regional Working Group Agenda 11-12-13 Meeting
SMP Potential Sources of Information

September 17, 2013

Memo re SMP Team Member Participation
Memo Re SMP Grant Format Changes
Memo to SMP PMT re Regional Working Group
Memo – Draft Public Participation Plan
DRAFT SMP Public Participation Plan
Memo to SMP PMT Re Ecology Grant Budget
Attachment 1 SMP Intergovernmental Agreement
Attachment 1 WWC SMP Scope of Work…tracks
Attachment 2 WWC SMP Scope of Work…CLEAN
Attachment 3 SMP Ecol Grant format task budget comparison
September 2013 - proposed jurisdiction shoreline maps pgs 1-12
September 2013 - proposed jurisdiction shoreline maps pgs 13-23

August 22, 2013

Meeting Minutes
8-20-13 Memo re TWC draft scope and budget

8-20-13 Memo re Regional Working Group
8-20-13 Walla Walla County Shoreline Master Programs draft scope and budget