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Miscellaneous Project Information 
11-24-15: New Draft Available
07-08-15:  Draft Now Available
06-17-15:  Additional materials posted for 06-16 RWG meeting and all materials for 06-17 PMT meeting added.
06-16-15:  Draft SMP Outreach Summary Report Now Available
04-30-15:  Preliminary Draft Now Available

Regional Working Group (RWG)
11-05-15: Meeting Information for 11-09-15 now available.
10-08-15: There will be no meeting on10-18.
06-16-15: Meeting Information
06-03-15: Meeting summaries for February - May RWG now available at above link.
05-29-15: The 06-01-15 meeting has been cancelled, will be rescheduled later in the month.
04-16-15: Documents for 04-21 meeting now available
04-06-15: New Draft Environment Designation Maps are available here.

Project Management Team (PMT)  
11-24-15: There will be no meeting in December.
11-10-15: Materials for today's meeting now available here.
11-09-15: Tuesday 11-10 meeting will be at 3:00 PM.
0-29-15: The November meeting has been reschedueld for Tuesday, November 10 at 4:00 PM.
10-13-15: Additional materials for today's meeting are now available here.
10-12-15: Materials for October 13 meeting are now available here.
10-06-15: The October meeting has been rescheduled for Tuesday, October 13 at 4:00PM.
09-23-15: Meeting Information

09-09-15: The September meeting will be held at 4:00PM on Wednesday, September 23.
08-27-15: The September 1 meeting has been cancelled. A meeting will likely be scheduled the following week.

07-29-15: The August meeting has been cancelled.
06-17-15: Meeting Information
06-02-15: Meeting Information - NOTE: this meeting will be held in Commissioner's Chambers, not the training room.
05-12-15: Meeting Information - NOTE: this meeting will be held in Commissioner's Chambers, not the training room.

Regional Shoreline Master Program  (SMP) Update Timeline

Department of Ecology - Citizen Guide: Shoreline Master Programs Updates

Department of Ecology - SMP Handbook

For upcoming meeting dates and times please go to the COUNTY CALENDAR

(BACKGROUND:  Walla Walla County and the cities of Walla Walla, Prescott, and Waitsburg are required by RCW 90.58 to develop or amend their respective shoreline programs by December 1, 2014, and have entered into an interlocal agreement to collaborate on these efforts as the shorelines of various streams cross jurisdictional boundaries, and to avoid duplication of work and provide regulatory uniformity.  The WA State Department of Ecology will be providing grant funding to assist with the project.  Walla Walla County is the lead agency.  Under the terms of the agreement, the parties to the agreement each are represented on a project management team, which team also includes a project team leader.  The team leader has been identified as Bill Stalzer of Stalzer & Associates, specialist in planning, land use, and development services, from Seattle.)