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Where can I find my citation/infraction/case number?


Court options :


Mitigation - Explain the circumstances surrounding the commission of this infraction, you must admit that you committed the infraction.

Contested - To argue that you did not commit the infraction

Failure to Appear at Scheduled Mitigation/Contested Hearings will result in a determination that you did commit the infraction. Failure to respond, failure to appear at any hearing, or failure to pay, will automatically increase the monetary penalty.

After 30 days, the citation will go to a collection agency and may result in the suspension of driving privileges.


Providing Proof of Insurance:

If you provide proof that you indeed possessed insurance at the time/date of your insurance violation, the case will be dismissed upon receipt of a $25.00 Administration fee. Please mail/drop off insurance proof and provide the $25.00 payment at that time.


Walla Walla District Court allows defendants to enter into a payment plan if you respond within the 15 days.

Please contact the court to setup monthly payments.

If a monthly payment is neglected you will be at risk of added fees and license suspension.



Deferred Finding Option: 

(Only available once every seven years)

If you want to dispose of this infraction with a Deferred Finding for 12 months to minimize the effect on your driving record, you may request that in writing, online or in court at a mitigation hearing. 

The cost of this will be the entire penalty noted on your citation plus $30 for administrative costs. You are eligible for Deferred Finding only once every seven years.  If you commit another violation within 12 months of deferral, this infraction will go on your record as committed.

Example:          Fine amount : $113.00 + $30.00 administrative cost = $143.00 (total cost of deferred finding)

The fine must be paid promptly. If left unpaid or in a delinquent status the case will be found committed and it will show on your driving record.   

CDL holders are NOT eligible for the deferred option.  

You may also request this option by clicking on ONLINE PAYMENT and entering the following in the comment section:                                                  ** PLEASE DEFER MY CITATION**


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