Walla Walla District Court


317 W. Rose, Walla Walla, WA 99362    

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                      Office Hours are 9:00AM-4:00PM                     



Ashely Kulberg, Probation Officer                                           (509) 524-2763 Direct Line  akulberg@co.walla-walla.wa.us  

Anna Sanchez-Escobar, Assistant Probation Officer        (509) 524-2769 Direct Line   asanchezescobar@co.walla-walla.wa.us




Please contact our office so that we can review your specific probation requirements that are listed on your Judgment and Sentence under the fines and costs section. The items checked are what you must comply with during your time on probation.

Enclosed is general information to help you understand and comply with your probation requirements.

You are required to check in with Probation within 10 days of your Judgment and Sentence. If you were given an appointment in court, make sure you keep your appointment with Probation and if for any reason you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment, you must call and re-schedule.

ASSESMENTS Just because the court is requiring you to obtain an assessment does not necessarily mean you have to do treatment. The assessment is required to determine if you are recommended treatment. If you are recommended treatment, the court will require you to obtain the treatment recommended. 

              Alcohol/drug ~ Anger Management ~Mental Health-Domestic Violence

  • We can help in guiding you to agencies and programs that can help you complete any treatment recommended.
  • The treatment agency will require you to bring in your criminal history, driving abstract and possibly a copy of your police report in reference to the criminal charge and a TB test. Your attorney who represented you in court should be able to provide you or your treatment agency with the necessary information. If you have trouble obtaining the information, contact us and we will try and assist you in obtaining that information.
  • Assessments range any where from $50-$200, depending on what assessment you are required to obtain. If you are unemployed and required to obtain an alcohol/drug assessment, you may be eligible for the ADATSA program. You must apply for the ADATSA program through DSHS, Department of Social & Health Services, and this application is included for your convenience. This is a general application as DSHS offers multiple programs. You must check the box for drug or alcohol treatment under question # 8, as to why you are applying for. Turn your application in directly at local DSHS office located at 416 E. MAIN Street, Walla Walla, WA 99362. ADATSA appointments are scheduled through Serenity Point. Serenity Point is the county funded agency. For more information contact our office.


  • If you are working but considered low income, you will be able to pay for treatment on a sliding fee scale through Serenity Point.
  • Once you schedule you assessment, contact our office and inform us of assessment date.
  • Make sure you sign a release of information at the assessment agency so that a copy of the assessment will be mailed to our office.

SHOW CAUSE          

  • A show cause is a probation violation hearing.
  • Once our department requests a show cause hearing, it is submitted to the prosecuting attorneys office for processing.
  • Prosecuting attorney will always attempt to serve you with notice of your show cause hearing.
  • If you fail to appear to your show cause hearing, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.
  • Show causes must be requested during your time on probation with the court for failure to comply a show cause can not be processed once your probation term ends.
  • If a show cause for example is processed prior to your probation term ending as you failed to comply with a requirement, that stays your probation with the court until you complete whatever requirement is required by the court. For example, a show cause is processed 3 months prior to your probation term ending as you decided to stop attending treatment or re-offended, your probation is stayed meaning you will continue to be required to come to court until you comply with the terms of your probation or when the court strikes your show cause hearing for complying and/or completing all probation requirements. 
  • Please contact our office so that we can review your timeline the court gave you in completing your requirements. If you fail to obtain your assessment or any other recommendation within the time frame given, we will try and make contact with you by mail and/or phone call. If you fail to respond and provide any information, a show cause hearing will be requested.
  • If you re-offend, a show cause will be processed and you may face court sanctions such as jail time for re-offending, and may be required to obtain a new assessment and complete any new treatment recommended.
  • If you are in compliance and in contact with our department, you can be excused from attending your show cause hearing.
  • If you are excused your show cause will be continued to a later date to ensure you are still complying with your terms of probation.
  • If you are excused from court, it is your responsibility to contact either your attorney or probation to determine when your next court date has been scheduled.


  • Restitution is different than your court fines.
  • Restitution is compensation or reparation for the loss or damage caused to another.
  • Court fines are the monetary sanctions imposed by the court as a penalty for the criminal charge you plead guilty to and court costs and fee’s associated with your criminal matter you must repay, this is the blue form you signed in court which indicates the amount owed and the monthly payment you must do.  Payments can be mailed in or placed in the drop box outside the front door after hours. If you fail to pay your fines, your fines will go to a collection agency and your privilege to drive a motor vehicle may be suspended. You must contact the District Court Clerks for any questions regarding paying your fines at 509-524-2760.
  • If you are required to pay restitution, restitution can only be paid in the form of a money order. You can mail in, bring in or drop off money orders in our drop box outside the front door. Please make sure your full name is on the money order or attached somewhere to which we can identify and make sure the money order payment is applied to the appropriate account. Make sure money orders are signed where it reads “purchaser”.
  • If you know exactly to whom restitution is to be paid, address money order directly to victim. If not, leave blank and we will fill it out for you. Again, just make sure you sign the money order where it reads “purchaser”. We will give you a receipt from probation and if you mail in or place money order payment in drop box, we will mail you a receipt for your payment.
  • Once we receive your money order, we will mail payment to victim along with a letter from our office. If you choose to pay restitution on your own, we will still need proof of your restitution payments.
  • Your restitution account will not go to collections. If you fail to pay restitution a show cause hearing will be requested and you will continue to have show cause hearings until restitution is paid in full.


  • If you are required to attend a victim’s panel class, that order was given to you in court for a specific day. If you fail to attend that victim’s panel on the date ordered, you must notify our office and contact the victims panel coordinator at 509-524-2920 and make arrangements to attend the class on a different date.
  • Victim’s panels are only held once a month at the Walla Walla General Hospital and cost $40.00. If you fail to attend on the date ordered by the court, the fee will increase to $50.00 for having to re-schedule the class.


  • It is your responsibility to maintain contact with probation and make sure we have your current contact information.
  • If a show cause is processed, you will be served and mailed information by the county prosecuting attorney’s office as to your court date. If you fail to appear to court, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.
  • Once you’re in show cause court hearing mode and you fail to appear, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.
  • If you are in compliance with treatment and/or any other probation requirement you can be excused from court. This requires you to maintain in contact with our office and provide verification of attending treatment as required and/or compliance with any other requirement.
  • If you do get a warrant issued for failure to appear to a court hearing or any other reason, you will need to come into District Court and sign a promise to appear to a new court date and appear before the judge and explain why you failed to appear. The clerks will schedule your warrant review hearing for your next available court date when your assigned attorney will be present and you will have an active warrant until you appear before court. For example if you miss a court date on a Tuesday morning. You come in the next day and sign a promise to appear, you will have a warrant until the following Tuesday morning when you appear in court.
  • Bottom line, stay in contact with our office and if you are not excused from court, don’t miss court!


  • If the court imposed a jail sentence, you must turn yourself into the jail on the specific day and time as your jail commitment document states. 
  • A copy the jail commitment document was given to you in court.
  • It is IMPORTANT that you take a copy of the jail commitment with you to the jail. If you do not have the jail commitment with you, the jail will not take you and you will then be in non-compliance.
  • If you lose your jail commitment, we will provide you with a copy.
  • If you have any questions for the jail, their number is (509) 524-5430.
  • If you are imposed jail and do not live in Walla Walla County, you can do your jail commitment within the county where you reside. You would have to go contact your local jail and take a copy of your jail commitment with you and ask if they would allow you to do your time there. If so, that jail will charge you a daily fee for allowing you to do your commitment at that jail.