Harvey Crowder, Interim Director
Telephone:  509-524-2920
Confidential Fax:  509-524-2993
1520 Kelly Place,
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Contact Information
P.O.  Box  1595
Walla Walla, WA 99362
E-Mail:  croberts@co.walla-walla.wa.us

Who We Serve… below are a number of graphs representing the program areas we are responsible for and the corresponding number of  either service hours or service units provided. Also, the website of Greater Columbia Behavioral Health has additional information on the number of individuals served by Walla Walla DHS each year. Our agency number is 237.




The Department of Human Services… The Department of Human Services (DHS) in calendar year 2008 conducted a combined total of 611 intake assessments on behalf of Medicaid eligible adults, elders and children seeking mental health services.  As required, DHS submits all completed intake assessments to Behavioral Healthcare Options, Inc. (BHO) a third party utilization management entity charged with determining eligibility for services.  Requests for service are submitted to BHO for Initial Authorization/Access to Care, Reauthorization for ongoing services, and Recommendation for Denial of Outpatient Services.  

In summary for 2008:

Total Combined intake assessments = 611

BHO authorized outpatient services = 516

BHO denials = 95

61 adults; 34 did not meet Access to Care Standards; 20 did not have a mental illness, 6 did not have eligible coupon, 1 referred to a community partner.

34 children;  7 did not meet Access to Care Standards, 24 did not to have a mental illness,   2 did not have eligible coupon, 1 was referred to a community partner.