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Vision… To be the model in psychiatric care by empowering individuals to successfully manage their mental health symptoms with a combination of medication and out-patient services.

Psychiatric services…  are provided to individuals who are authorized for services ages four and older.   Dr. Varnell, MD provides clinical oversight of the Department’s  mental health out-patient services; Medication Management unit, Adult and Elder Unit, Children and Crisis Response Unit.  Individuals  receiving medication management services will team with the psychiatrist  and natural supports to identify and diagnose the mental health symptoms and collaboratively discuss recommended treatment approaches to assist in reducing the severity of  the mental health symptoms.   

Frequently Asked Questions..

Question:  Will psychiatric medications completely eliminate my mental health symptoms?

Answer:  Psychiatric medication/s  treat symptoms but does not cure the illness itself.  Much like insulin treats the symptoms of diabetes, but does not cure it.  The goal of psychopharmacology is to reduce the intensity, severity and  frequency of interfering symptoms.

Question:   Am I required to take psychiatric medications?

Answer:  No.  Medication is  frequently only part of  the treatment plan and unless you are court-ordered to do so, you have the right to not take medications if you do not wish to.

Question:  What about side effects?

Answer:  You will always be informed about the possible side effects of medications being recommended to treat your illness.  This allows you to make an informed decision as to whether you wish to do so or not.  You and the psychiatrist will discuss any possible adverse side effects and what to do in the event you experience any.

Question:  Will I have to take medications for the rest of my life?

Answer:  It depends on the type of  illness you are being treated for.  There are some mental illnesses  that are successfully treated over a short period of time with medication/s  however, there are other more chronic, long-term conditions that might become worse over time  without medication/s increasing your risk of an in-patient hospitalization.