Harvey Crowder,Interim Director
Telephone:  509-524-2920
Confidential Fax:  509-524-2993
1520 Kelly Place,
Walla Walla, WA  99362  Map


Contact Information
P.O.  Box  1595
Walla Walla, WA 99362
E-Mail:  croberts@co.walla-walla.wa.us

Vision..Supported Employment services…  

The Department of Human services assists Walla Walla’s disabled residents in securing gainful employment.  The Department contracts with a number of agencies in the community including the Lillie Rice Center, Goodwill Industries,  Community Options and  The Place.   Individuals are supported in accomplishing their goal of employment through a variety of programs and services including Individualized Supported Employment, Group supported employment, Prevocational and Specialized  training, and Community Access.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Question:  How do I access services?

Answer:  Contact your DD Case Resource Manager to start the process for services. 

Question:  What is the “Working Age Adult Policy”?

Answer:  Individuals between the ages of 21-62 will be assisted in the pursuit of   work, a career, or his or her contribution to or participation in community Life.  

Question:  When can my child access employment service supports?

Answer:  After their 21st birthday.     

*Developmental Disability Case Resource Managers, in conjunction with counties, will provide information about generic community services.