Harvey Crowder,Interim Director
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1520 Kelly Place,
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Contact Information
P.O.  Box  1595
Walla Walla, WA 99362
E-Mail:  croberts@co.walla-walla.wa.us

Vision…providing independence by creating access to safe and supportive housing.

Transitional & supportive housing...provides a critical element toward  stabilizing individuals with chronic mental illness. Without supportive housing and enhanced levels of care, the mentally ill are at tremendous risk of homelessness and unnecessary hospitalizations.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Question:  How do I qualify for housing?

Answer: You must be participating in services to be considered for housing. If you are a current client and are homeless, please contact Heidi Lee, our Housing Coordinator for details.

Question:  How long am I able to stay?

Answer:   The Department has two programs available; temporary and permanent supportive housing.  Temporary housing you may stay up to two years and permanent supportive housing you may stay indefinitely.

Question:  Will I have a roommate/s?

Answer:  You will have your own private bedroom however, you will share  common areas including the kitchen and bathroom.