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Commit any Alcohol, Firearm, or Drug Offense and Lose Your License

For a first offense of MIP alcohol, drugs, or firearms, the juvenile loses his/her driving privilege for 1 year or until age 17, whichever is longer.  For a second subsequent offense, the revocation period is for 2 years or until age 18, whichever is longer.  Each offense for which the department receives notice shall result in a separate period of revocation.  Revocation periods run consecutively, and cannot begin until any/all other revocation periods have expired.  If the juvenile doesn’t have his/her driver’s license yet, s/he won’t even be able to apply for a learner’s permit until s/he is more than 16  years old. The juvenile will lose his/her license in addition to whatever other penalties the court or juvenile diversion imposes on him/her. 

The Department of Licensing will send a letter notifying the juvenile with the effective date the revocation action begins.  Washington state allows the juvenile to appeal  the revocation action through an administrative review by the DOL.  Information regarding this will be included with that letter. Juveniles whose driving priviliges are revoked are not eligible for an occupational driver’s license. 

Upon release of the revocation action, the knowledge and driving tests will be required, even if the individual has previously been licensed.  Examination and license fees will be charged, plus a $75.00 reissue fee.  If obtaining a learner’s permit for driver education purposes, the individual will be required to provide a copy of enrollment card, plus a $75.00 reissue fee