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Juvenile Justice Center
Hawk Point
Challenge Course

Know Fear. Know Fun!


Individual and Group Goals

Facilitators work with you to clarify individual and group goals for you and your agency.  Activities, Initiatives and Challenges are customized and sequenced to maximize group participation and realization of established goals.   

Adventure Based Counseling

Adventure Based Counseling rests on solid theory and studies show that self concept improves as a result of Challenge Course participation.  By presenting your group with a problem solving opportunity, members can share ideas and make decisions and carry out a plan of action in a controlled, safe environment.  Facilitators debrief activities and participants can apply lessons learned about themselves and others in real world situations. 

Challenge By Choice

  • All Hawk Point Activities are offered on a Challenge by Choice Basis.
  • If, for any reason, a participant chooses not to participate in any activity, initiative or challenge, that decision is respected by both facilitator and group.
  • Facilitators encourage the group to create a supportive, safe atmosphere in which individuals can take on new challenges successfully.

Full Value Contract

  • Hawk Point participants are encouraged to agree to the following verbal contract:
  • To work together as a group and to work toward achieving individual and group goals.
  • To adhere to certain safety and group behavior guidlines.
  • To give and receive feedback, both positive and negative, and to work toward changing behavior when necessary.


Do I have to be in great shape to participate?

  • Most participants are in average physical condition.  Most activities involve problem sovling, trust, and communication rather than physical prowess.

What if a member of our group is physically disabled?

  • Hawk Point activities are designed to encourage and support the contribution of all participants. 

Are the high elements safe?

  • Project Adventure inspects all Hawk Point elements yearly.  All facilitators receive intense training in all areas of course operation. 

Contact Hawk Point:

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