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Phone  509.524.2680
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Women Infants and Children 

What is WIC?

WIC is a federal program whose mission is to improve the life long health and nutrition status of pregnant women, new mothers, infants, and young children by providing nutrition and health education, breast feeding support, nutrient rich supplemental food, and health and social service referrals.  Services are free.

Washington State WIC Does Not Discriminate

Hours of Operation List of Approved Foods
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What will you receive from WIC? 

Summary of Approved Foods

• Baby cereal and food
• Baby formula
• Breakfast cereal
• Cheese 
• Child nutritionals 
• Dry beans/ peas/ lentils 
• Eggs
• Fish
• Fresh fruits and veggies 
• Juice

• Milk
• Peanut butter 
• Soy beverage
• Tofu
• Whole Grains:
       brown rice
      100% whole wheat bread  

Breastfeeding support and breast pumps are available for nursing Moms. Please ask WIC staff about this service.

Foods List from WA WIC


All approved foods meet the selected criteria of the United States Department of Agriculture, and:

- Are readily available in retail food stores
- Offer variety and versatility
- Have high nutrient density 
- Have broad appeal 
- Are easy to use by clients 
- Are relatively low in cost
- Support farmers in the United States (back up top)

Who is Eligible for WIC?

People with the following circumstances are eligible for WIC:

1) You or your family must be one of the following:
     - Pregnant or Postpartum women
     - Children up to 5 years of age

2) You must live in the state of Washington.

3) Your family income must be within the income guidelines (back up top)

Monthly WIC Income Guidelines
• Family of 2* earning up to $2,392 per month
• Family of 4* earning up to $3,631 per month
• Family of 6* earning up to $4,871 per month
* Include each unborn child in family size.


Hours of Operation at Walla Walla Site

8-12 and 1-5, Monday – Wednesday
9-12 and 1-5, Thursday
8-12 , Friday
Closed Friday afternoon

Closed weekends, holidays, and the first working day each month

Hours of Operation at Broetje Orchard Site

9:30-12 and 1- 3:30, two Wednesdays per month
Appointments for Broetje clinic are made
through the Walla Walla phone number below. (Back to top)

Contact us directly at 509.524.2680
Fax 509.524.2681
WIC staff offer bilingual services in English and Spanish. (Back to Top)

Por favor llame WIC á 509.524.2680 
Fax 509.524.2681 
El personal de WIC ofrecen servicios bilingües en Inglés y Español

Updated: 5/21/2013