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Pressure Distribution

The sewage from your house enters a large two compartment septic tank, where the solids settle out. The effluent flows to a pump tank where it is then pumped out to a network of pipes in controlled doses which insures uniform distribution throughout the system. The effluent leaves the pipes under pressure through small diameter holes, and trickles downward through the gravel where it reaches the soil. The soil filters and treats the effluent, removing bacteria and other pollutants before reaching the groundwater.

Areas of concern for maintenance

    1. Septic Tank: The septic tank needs to be pumped out every 3-5 year.
    2. Pump Chamber: The pump chamber is a chamber similar to a septic tank that contains a pump and a series of floats. the flows are used to turn the pump on and off. There is also a float that is called a high water alarm when the high water alarm is activated there is a loud noise and sometimes a light is turned on at the control panel this indicated that the pump is no longer working a effluent is building up in the pump chamber and septic tank an will soon surface. The floats in the pump chamber need to be inspected every year.
    3. Effluent Filter: The effluent filter is a plastic filter that is installed in the septic tank on the outlet side. There are 1/4" slots in the filter that allow effluent from the tank to enter the pump chamber. This filter need to be check for clogs at least once a year.

Below are some useful educational material specific to caring for your Pressure Distribution system:

Understanding and Caring for Your Pressure Distribution System Click Here
Provided by the Washington State Department of Health

Homeowner's Manual for the Operation, Monitoring, and Maintenance of a Pressure Distribution On-site Sewage Treatment and Disposal System Click Here
Provided by Sea Grant