2018 Update

Walla Walla County Comprehensive Plan
and Development Regulations
2018 Periodic Update

**NEW**  3/6/2019 Perry and Dozier have withdrawn application ZCA17-003. 
There will be no further review of this proposal by the County.

Notice of Public Hearing
- December 18 Board of County Commissioners Hearing at 9:30 AM

Materials for 12/18/18 BOCC Hearings
Cover Memo
Staff Report: County's Periodic Update
Staff Report: College Place #1 Martin Field
Staff Report: College Place #2 SR-125 Area
Staff Report: City of Walla Walla South - 3rd and Langdon
Staff Report: Sheryl Cox/Walla Walla Community College

 Notice of Public Hearing - December 5 Planning Commission Hearing at 7:00 PM
Materials for the December 5 Planning Commission meeting available here.

**NEW**    SEPA Determination of Non-Significance (DNS):

June 6 Planning Commission workshop

June 4 BOCC workshop

May 23 Planning Commission workshop