Countywide Planning Policies


Countywide Planning Policies (CPPs) provide a countywide framework for coordination on important issues such as transportation, housing, and planning for growth. While Walla Walla County and each City have their own independent comprehensive plans, coordinating together and developing joint policies can result in better overall results for our communities as we grow. The CPPs articulate those areas where we want to work together towards a shared future.

The original CPPs were adopted over 30 years ago. Since that time state laws have changed and the communities throughout Walla Walla County have as well. This is a great opportunity to refresh the CPPs prior upcoming comprehensive plan updates for each community which will begin later this year.

Where CPPs fit

Countywide Planning Policies are a requirement of the Growth Management Act (GMA). While updating them is not required, having policies which align with issues communities are currently facing is important. While planning under the GMA is a bottom-up planning process, consistency between plans and regulations is required. As Walla Walla County and each City updates their comprehensive plan and regulations/programs by June 2026, updated Comprehensive Plan policies will have to be consistent with the GMA and CPPs. It is also important that policies link to other important regional plans. This emphasizes the importance of making sure any revised policies in the CPPs align with the vision for each community.

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