eTRAKiT web portal

The eTRAKiT website is a publicly accessible web portal linked directly to our office permit tracking software.  Through the eTRAKiT website you are able to schedule/cancel inspections, check on the status of permits/projects, apply for certain types of permits, pay for your permits/projects with a credit card, submit a code complaint (issue), and search for information on recent permitting activity.  Use the link below to access the eTRAKiT website.

Currently, you can submit the following types of applications online: siding/windows, reroof, plumbing/mechanical, residential burn permit renewal.  Once you have submitted your application online it will be forwarded to staff for review.  Once your application has been approved, you will be notified so you can pay your fees and your permit can be issued.

Before paying fees through the eTRAKiT website, please review our Return and Data Privacy Policy for Credit Card Payments. Also, please review the below walk-thru instructions if you have not used the site before.

We are currently unable to process online payments through the eTRAKiT portal.  Please call the office to make payments with a credit or debit card.  We appreciate your understanding. 

Return and Data Privacy Policy for Credit Card Payments

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