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**Effective immediately any new civil filings excluding Protection Orders and Small Claims must include a civil filing cover sheet found here**

Civil Cases include general civil actions with damage claims in the maximum amount of $100,000 (effective 7-24-15) .

The court does not hear cases involving title to or possession of real property. 

The Small Claims Department of the District Court can be used for the recovery of money only where the amount claimed which is filed by a natural person (defined as a human being), does not exceed $10,000. Any entities that aren’t defined as a human being (e.g. businesses) may only file claims in an amount not to exceed $5,000.  

The Small Claims Court may only grant judgment for monetary damages. The court may not order the party to return property or do anything except pay money.


(Effective 7/27/2019)






Small Claims


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Small Claim






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 **No Ex Parte Fee***

Supplemental Proceedings


IE: Debtors Exams, Transcripts, Subpoenas


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Total: $298.50

$93 to District Court and $205.50 to Walla Walla County Auditor as of 7/25/21

Civil Appeal Fees


**For Criminal Appeal Fees**


($230.00 Paid to Superior Court $40.00 Paid to District Court)

 Please contact the Walla Walla Superior Court