Contested Hearing
You may request a contested hearing if you do not believe you have committed the infraction. 
Suggested research includes reviewing the Washington State Court's Infraction Rules for Courts of Limited Jurisdiction

Reviewing Your Rights as a Defendant
As a defendant you are entitled to the following: 
  • The right to bring a lawyer at your own expense
  • The right to present evidence and examine witnesses in court
  • The right to request a witness list from the prosecutor. 
    • You must do so at least 14 days before the hearing and the list should be given to you at least seven days before the hearing.
    • The right to subpoena witnesses, including the officer who issued the notice.
    • If you wish to subpoena a witness, you must apply to the court in person at least five days prior to your hearing.

Hearing Procedures
  • Heard Before Court Without a Jury - The contested hearing will be heard before the court without a jury. The state must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that you did commit the infraction. After consideration of the evidence, the court will determine whether you did or did not commit the infraction.
  • Possible Resulting Actions - If the court determines that you did commit the infraction, you may be required to pay a monetary penalty.
  • On Appeal - You may appeal the court’s decision that you did commit the infraction.

Contested Hearing on Written Statements

Pursuant to authority of IRLJ 3.5, instead of appearing in court you may contest your case in writing. You must submit a statement delivered to the court before your court date.  The court will be held in chambers and shall not be governed by the Rules of Evidence. The court shall determine whether the plaintiff has proven by a preponderance of evidence submitted that you have committed the infraction.

 A decision on a written statement cannot be appealed.

Submit Online Hearing

Or Send to Walla Walla District Court:

317 W. Rose Street
Walla Walla, WA 99362



The court will notify you whether an infraction was found to have been committed and what penalty, if any, was imposed.  

Failure to Appear at Scheduled Contested Hearing
Failure to appear will result in a determination that you did commit the infraction. Failure to respond, failure to appear at any hearing, or failure to pay, will automatically increase the monetary penalty.

After 30 days, the citation will go to a collection agency. 

For More Information 
If you have any questions, please contact the District Court at (509) 524-2760

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