Requesting a Mitigation Hearing
If you request a mitigation hearing to explain the circumstances surrounding the commission of this infraction, you must admit that you committed the infraction. 

Important items to note about mitigation hearings include:
  • An Informal Proceeding - A mitigation hearing is an informal proceeding. You may bring a lawyer at your own expense. You may ask witnesses to attend the mitigation hearing, but they cannot be subpoenaed and required to appear.
  • Possible Resulting Actions - You can be required to pay a monetary penalty. Suspension, revocation, or denial of your driver’s license may also result from your having committed this infraction.
  • On Appeal - You may not appeal the court’s determination or order.

Online Hearing

Responding to Notice with a Letter
If you prefer, you may write a letter explaining the circumstances surrounding the infraction, rather than appear in person. You may mail a letter to Court. YOU MUST  INCLUDE YOUR CITATION NUMBER.

Walla Walla County District Court
317 West Rose Street  
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Failure to Comply with an Infraction Notice
Failure to respond, failure to appear at any hearing, or failure to pay will automatically increase the monetary penalty, and your driving privilege may be suspended until you have paid all the penalties required by law.

For More Information 
If you have any questions, please contact the District Court at (509) 524-2760

Department of Licensing: How to Reinstate your drivers license