Flood Response Plan

Walla Walla County Flood Response Plan PIC
1931 Flood, Downtown Walla Walla

The purpose of this flood response plan is to prepare Walla Walla County to respond to the numerous flooding hazards that exist locally.

Floods can endanger human life, cause extensive property and infrastructure damage, and result in significant harm to the environment. Efficient and coordinated response to flooding incidents demands a well-written emergency response plan.

This plan defines what, when, where, how, and who will implement flood response actions and activities in accordance with the Walla Walla County Flood Response Policy. It is divided into two major components – the General Plan and the more specific Implementing Procedures. The General Plan addresses assumptions, responsibilities, and relationships while the Implementing Procedures consist of checklists, procedures, and maps. The checklists are intended to remind users of specific items that may be applicable to the situation at hand. It is not intended that all items must be completed if some are not applicable.

By training on, and following this plan, emergency responders can reduce the danger to themselves and the general public, and lessen the likelihood and extent of damage to property and the environment.

This plan follows the principles of the Incident Command System and is compliant with the National Incident Management System, as required by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5.

Walla Walla County Flood Response Plan

Walla Walla County Flood Response Plan FEMA Insurance Maps