Developmental Disabilities

Developmental Disabilities
Mission Statement:
To support people who have a developmental disability in achieving greater independence and fulfillment on their pathway to employment.

The Walla Walla Department of Community Health Developmental Disabilities Program coordinates Federal and State funding for local agencies to provide services, from birth through life, for people with developmental disabilities and their families. To be eligible for services, all participants must be eligible for and receiving services from Developmental Disabilities Administration.

Services provided:

  • Child Development Services for children ages birth-to-three with developmental delays or disabilities.
  • Transition Services for young adults with developmental disabilities who have turned 21 years old and have graduated from High School.
  • Adult Services to assist adults with developmental disabilities find and maintain community integrated employment and live full participating and contributing lives within their community.
  • Community Education and Information Services designed to increase public awareness and build community acceptance for including people with developmental disabilities.

Contracted Agencies:

For general information, contact:
Developmental Disabilities Program Coordinator at (509) 524-2939.
To access services, contact:
Developmental Disabilities Administration at (509) 394-1070.

Helpful Links:

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