Rules and Regulations (Washington Administrative Codes (WAC), Revised Code of Washington (RCW), Local Ordinances)


70.05: Local Health Department, boards, officers-Regulations

70.05.070: Local Health Officer – Powers and Duties


173-350: Solid Waste Standards

173-351: Criteria for municipal solid waste landfills

246-100: Communicable and certain other diseases

246-101: Notifiable Conditions

246-203: General Sanitation

246-205 Decontamination of Illegal Drug Manufacturing or Storage Sites

246-215: Food Service

246-217: Food Worker Cards

246-260: Water recreation Facilities

246-262: Recreational Water Contact Facilities

246-272A: On-Site Sewage Systems

246-273: On-Site Sewage System Additives

246-274: Greywater Reuse for Subsurface Irrigation

246-291: Group B Public Water Systems

246-366: Primary and Secondary Schools

246-366A: Environmental Health and Safety Standards for Primary and Secondary Schools

Local Ordinances:

Title 8 Health and Safety

Fee Schedule