Food Service Plan Review and Permits

Plan Review
A Plan Review is required before

  1. Construction of a food establishment
  2. Conversion of an existing structure for use as a food establishment
  3. Remodeling of an existing food establishment
  4. Change in ownership of an existing food establishment (not always required)

The entire process can be found in the plan review application.  A Plan Review  application is required to be completed in full and submitted with payment to the WWCDCH.  Partially completed Plan Review Applications will not be accepted or reviewed.

Permit Application

The Food Establishment Permit Application is an annual permit that must be completed and returned:

  • Prior to opening a new food establishment (along with required plan review)
  • As a renewal no later than January 10th of each calendar year
  • When a food establishment has changed ownership

The application will only be handed out after discussing your operation with an Environmental Health Specialist and after completing and submitting the required plan review.