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For more in-depth seasonal information and interactive maps, visit our "Four Seasons of Prevention" page. See the latest from spring and summer 2019 here:

crab icon  Summer trip to the ocean? Check the Shellfish Safety Information Map for beach closures before you go. This map is only for fishermen, not other recreational water activities.
owl icon Wildlife behaving weirdly? Dying off? Deformed? Let the Washington (State) Department of Fish and Wildlife know here.
campfire icon Wildfire worries? Check this map updated live from the Department of Health for Washington State air quality in real time, all summer long.
snake icon We have received reports of more rattlesnakes than normal this year, especially in the Touchet area. If you are bitten, try to remain calm: rattlesnake bites in Washington State are rarely fatal. Get to the nearest hospital emergency room as quickly as possible- Providence St Mary Medical Center ER is here in Walla Walla. Read the official news release from the Washington Poison Center here.

News Releases
07/19/19  First human case of West Nile Virus in Washington state confirmed in Pasco resident

Updated 08/28/19