Current Outbreak News and Announcements

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 Outbreak Updates
smoking icon Washington State declared an outbreak of vaping-related severe acute pulmonary syndrome.

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Washington State is still in outbreak status for Hepatitis A. Read the latest from Washington State Department of Health.
turkey leg icon  Washington State Department of Health food recalls: Click here for the most recently recalled foods updated by our own state Department of Health.

unicorn icon   US and world outbreak alert: The Centers for Disease Control keep close tabs on all communicable, zoonotic (animal and bug-borne), food-borne, and “emerging” diseases occurring inside and outside the US. Click here for the most up to date information on national and world-wide watch lists.
Seasonal Information
Mountain Icon Ready for the mountains? Find the Tollgate webcam here or here.

Snowflake icon Prepared for the cold weather? Not sure what that entails? Follow the Department of Health's tips to be ready before snow falls or ice forms.

owl icon Wildlife behaving weirdly? Dying off? Deformed? Let the Washington (State) Department of Fish and Wildlife know.


10/30/19    First Flu death of the year in Tri-Cities