Strategic Plan

Walla Walla County Department of Community Health implemented new Mission, Vision, and Values as a result of the 2018 Strategic Planning Process. The Implementation Timeline outlines WWCDCH's plan to address each of our Strategic Priorities.

Strategic Priorities
  • Ensure staff are trained and are adequately prepared to do their job
  • Monitor and ensure staff morale is positive
  • Create intern program
Internal Communication
  • Have a single process and place for the team to know who is in/out
  • Ensure staff are connected and aware of activities occurring within all of DCH
  • Share and celebrate meaningful content about exciting news, recognition, new grants awarded, upcoming community events, hot topics, policy changes, new hires, etc.
External Communication
  • Share information about our department with the community and stakeholders - who we are, what we do, why we do it
  • Complete new Branding Process
  • Coordinated effort for outreach
  • Determine if we are meeting community need - Customer service
  • Create Business and Admin Plan 
  • Maintain or increase funding, despite threats of cuts
  • Create a process for identifying new and alternative funding for new and emerging programs
  • Identify data, success stories, program reports, and program goals that can be used as support for the county charter of public health responsibilities to secure local funds