Veterans' Relief Advisory Board

In accordance with RCW 73.08.010 the legislative authority of each county is required to establish a Veterans’ Assistance Program to address the needs of local indigent veterans and their families.  This program approved by the county legislative authority is fully or partially funded by the veterans’ assistance fund authorized by RCW 73.08.080.  Taxes are to be levied and collected as prescribed by law for the purpose of creating the veterans’ assistance fund and expenditures from the veterans’ assistance fund, and interest earned on balances from the fund, may be used only for those purposes as outlined within the statutes.

The County Legislative authority has authorized the Walla Walla County Department of Community Health (DCH) to administer the Veterans’ Assistance Program in accordance with RCW 73.08.010.   As required by statute, the DCH has create a Veteran’ Relief Advisory Board (VRAB) and shall consult with, and solicit recommendations from, the VRAB established under RCW 73.08.035, to the extent feasible and consistent with the statute, and subcontract as necessary, to facilitate the effective use of assistance funds through efficient model programs that benefit veterans and family members experiencing financial hardships

The purpose of the Walla Walla County Veterans’ Relief Program is to provide emergency assistance to all local eligible indigent veterans and family members pursuant to RCW 73.08.010. 

The DCH utilizes an independent contractor to serve veterans who are eligble for assistance. Please contact the Department of Community Health directly for more information: 509-524-2650

If you are interested in becoming a member of VRAB please email: and attach your application.

  • Trina Parrish, Chair
  • Robert Baker
  • Richard Best
  • Larry Cunnington
  • Robert “Joe” Dixson
  • Douglas Simler
  • Michael Ensor
  • Jack Preston
  • Ken Silver
  • Joseph Waiblinger
  • Ron Weber
VRAB Meetings are the SECOND THURSDAY at 9:30pm at the Vets Center on Poplar or via virtual meeting at this time.
VRAB Meeting Materials

11/14/19 November 2019 Meeting Agenda      
10/10/19 October 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
09/12/19 September 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
08/08/19 August 2019 Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
07/11/19 July 2019 Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
06/13/19 June 2019 Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
05/09/19 May 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
04/11/19 April 2019 Meeting Agenda       Minutes      
03/14/19 March 2019 Meeting Agenda       Packet      
02/14/19 February 2019 Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes      
01/10/19 January 2019 Meeting Agenda       Packet       Minutes