Important Information for Applicants


Employee benefits are not just about the kind of services you get; they are also about how much you may have to pay out of pocket. 
We understand that your life revolves around more than just your career and that your priority is making sure that you and your family will maintain health and financial security. That's why choice is a key component of our benefits package. We have a selection of health and retirement plans, paid leave, staff training and other compensation benefits that you can mix and match to meet your current and future needs.

Read about our benefits: 

Insurance Benefits
Employees by medical (including vision), dental and basic life insurance.  There are multiple medical plans with affordable monthly premiums that offer coverage throughout the state.   Employees are also covered by basic life and long-term disability insurance, with the option to purchase additional coverage amounts.  To view premium rates, please refer to our Employee Benefits Page.

Retirement and Deferred Compensation

State Employees are members of the Washington Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS).  New employees have the option of two employer contributed retirement programs.  For additional information, check out the Department of Retirement Systems' web site.
Employees also can choose to participate in the Deferred Compensation Plans.   Please see the full plans under our Employee Benefits Page. 

Vacation (Annual Leave)

You begin accruing vacation starting your first month of employment. Since we value your loyalty, the amount of vacation you can accrue increases the longer you work with us. Washington State supports members of the armed forces with 21 days paid military leave per year. 


Full-time employees are entitled to twelve* paid holidays:
January 1, 2024 - New Year's Day 
January 15, 2024- Martin Luther King Day 
February 19, 2024 - Presidents' Day 
May 27, 2024- Memorial Day 
July 4, 2024 - 4th of July 
September 2, 2024 - Labor Day 
November 11, 2024-Veterans Day 
November 28, 2024 -Thanksgiving Day 
November 29, 2024 - Day after Thanksgiving (per all Walla Walla County Union Contracts) (Note: RCW 1.16.0S0(j) also designates the Friday immediately following the fourth Thursday in November to be known as Native American Heritage Day.) 
December 24, 2024 - Christmas Eve (Courthouse Union, Road Crew-Public Works and Non-Represented employees including department heads.) 
December 25, 2024 - Christmas Day 
One Personal Holiday- One day upon mutual agreement of employee and supervisor. (Sheriff's Office Admin Union) 
Two Personal Holidays -Two days upon mutual agreement of employee and supervisor (Courthouse Union, Road Crew-Public Works Union, Corrections Union, Commissioned Deputy's Union and Non-­Represented employees including department heads.) 

Social Security
All state employees are covered by the federal Social Security and Medicare systems. The state and the employee pay an equal amount into the system.

Sick Leave

Full-time employees earn eight hours of sick leave per month. Paid sick leave may be used for reasons included in WAC 357-31-130.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY / AFFIRMATIVE ACTION EMPLOYER:  All qualified persons will be considered for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, nationality, origin, age, political affiliation, disability status or any other non-merit factor.  Women, disabled persons, members of ethnic minority and other under-represented groups are encouraged to apply.

FILING OF APPLICATION:   Applications must be completed in accordance with the directions on the front of the announcement.  Applicants are responsible for the truth of all statements.  Misrepresentations, incomplete or inaccurate entries may be the cause for application rejection, removal from the employment list or discharge from County service.  A background investigation will be conducted along with reference and former employer checks, driving record, and criminal history if applicable to requirements of the job.  Applications must be received or postmarked by the last date for filing applications. 

CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  Applicants are responsible for notifying the hiring department of any change of address or telephone number.

NOTIFICATION:  Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by mail as soon as feasible following the final selection decision.  

ELIGIBILITY LISTS:  Walla Walla County reserves the right to establish an eligibility list to fill any vacancies that may occur in the posted position for a period up to twelve (12) months.

NOTE:  The provisions of this bulletin do not constitute an expressed or implied contract.  Any provision contained herein may be modified and/or revoked without notice.  Walla Walla County is committed to a drug, alcohol, and smoke free environment.

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