Pathways Back School Program

Walla Walla/Columbia County
Pathways Back School Program

Mission Statement.  

Our mission is to provide at-risk middle and high school students a positive education and challenging environment that fosters successful life choices. 

General Information.

Pathways is an intervention-based program that utilizes the cooperation of school counselors and teachers, community agencies, parents/guardians, individual students, and court services in modifying the students existing unsuccessful behavioral patterns at school and the re-introducing the students into a traditional school setting. 

Students enrolled in our school are given a chance to increase their knowledge and skills in basic educational subjects. Pathways Back works to prepare a student to return to a mainstream school setting with the skills to be successful. 

Pathways Back Believes:

  • Every student is a unique individual and should be exposed to a specialized instructional approach, according to his/her intellectual, social, physical, and emotional requirements. 
  • Every student should be encouraged to mature intellectually, socially, and emotionally. 
  • Individualized assessment will be used to supplement traditional measurements of achievement in helping make ongoing instructional decisions that best meet the student’s learning style. 
  • Effective schools promote an environment where students are encouraged to assume responsibility for themselves and others, as well as enhance social development, while engaging in purposeful learning activities. 
  • A safe, orderly, and physically comfortable environment is essential for learning. 
  • A student’s understanding of different people, cultures, and his or herself is critical to the student’s ability to positively contribute to our community. 
  • A student reaches his/her full potential through the cooperative efforts of the school, family, and the entire community. 
  • A student needs to learn to be adaptable in a changing world. 
Who may attend?

  • Students between the ages of 13 - 18.
  • Have involvement with the Department of Court Services.
  • Fall under the guidelines of the Becca Bill.
  • Have not had success in a traditional school.
  • Have been expelled from school.