UAs (Pre-Trial)


Walla Walla County Pre-Trial Release UA Instructions

Walla Walla County Superior Court has ordered you to submit to random urinalysis (UA) testing
as a condition of your release.
Please follow these instructions to enroll in UA testing:
  1. Before leaving the Jail, you will provide a baseline UA.  After release from court/jail go to the Department of Court Services at: 455 W. Rose Street, Walla Walla (Juvenile Justice Center) ALLEY ENTRANCE
  2.  Bring all prescription medication with you, your Order of Release, your attorney’s name and a photo ID.
  3. Advise the JJC front desk/reception that you are there to sign up for UA testing. 
  4. Staff will sign you in the Sentry daily call in system and provide you with an ID number and instructions.
  5. You will be instructed to call in everyday (weekends and holidays included) between the hours of 5:00am and 3:59pm.  If Sentry tells you that today is a test day, you must arrive at Court Services after 8:00am and before 4:30pm.

*Weekend/Office Holiday Tests:  you must arrive to the back alley door and press the intercom to notify staff you are there for a UA.   *Staff will open the door to have you wait in the back lobby.
If at anytime staff have concerns regarding behavior you may be asked to leave.  A report will be sent to the Court, your attorney, the Prosecuting Attorney, and Court Services Administration describing the concerns. 
***A missed call will be considered a positive test.***
Test Results: all positive UA results will be sent to your attorney and the Prosecuting Attorneys Office.