Title 11 Guardians ad Litem

Title 11 Guardians ad Litem are appointed in probate and guardianship cases to represent the interests of persons who lack capacity to handle their legal affairs, or who are alleged to lack such capacity.  Guardians ad litem are generally appointed on a temporary basis to investigate and report to the court.   It is important to note that a Guardian is not the same as a Guardian ad Litem. Guardians are appointed by the court to provide long-term supervision of the affairs of persons found to be incapacitated. 

                       Appointment of GALs from the Title 11 GAL Registry

Below you will find the link for the current Title 11 (Guardianship) GAL Registry.  The Title 11.88 GAL Registry is provided for reference only; do not present an order appointing a GAL on a guardianship case prior to contacting Court Administration.  Also, please note that GALs must be listed on this registry in order to accept cases in Walla Walla County.


Per RCW 11.88.090 and Local Guardian ad Litem Rule 5, Title 11 GAL appointments from the Guardianship registry are made on a rotational basis. Title 11 GALs are listed in alphabetical order and appointments are made in that order.  If you need a Title 11 GAL, please contact the GAL Registry Manager Kayla Zimmer 509-524-2813 for a list of names of the next three GALs.  You are then responsible for contacting the GALs in the order provided, securing a GAL and informing Court Administration of who accepted the case.

                                                        Mandatory Guardian Training

Walla Walla Superior Court requires mandatory guardian training for nonprofessional (family & volunteer) guardians. This rule applies to all guardianship cases including those originating under RCW Chapter 11.88 and RCW Chapter 11.92. The training is mandatory for all nonprofessional guardians prior to their appointment as guardian. Certified Professional Guardians are not required to attend this training as long as the guardian is in good standing with the Certified Professional Guardian Board.
To provide nonprofessional guardians with information on their legal responsibilities, paperwork and reports that are required in serving as a guardian.
                                                                                         Training Opportunities

  • The mandatory online training is available through the State of Washington. Click HERE for more information.

  • Spokane County Superior Court also holds a monthly training at the Spokane County Courthouse. Click HERE for more information.
  • Training Waiver or Deferment                                                                                                                                                 
  • Under limited circumstances training can be waived or deferred. Click on the links to obtain forms for a motion and order waiving or extending the time to obtain training.

Click “FAQ – How Do I Get a Title 11 GAL Appointed” for more information.


Guardians ad Litem may scroll to the bottom of this page for payment instructions and county pay forms.




Minor Settlements

Settlement GALs are not required to be GALs from our Registry or appointed by Court Administration in a certain rotation.  Any attorney with the requisite knowledge and experience can be appointed as a settlement GAL.

Click on link below to view the Title 11 GAL Handbook.

Title 11 GAL Handbook
2018 Title 11.88 RCW GUARDIANSHIP GAL H[...]
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County Paid Title 11 GAL Information
How Do I Get Paid by the County on a Title 11 GAL Case?
Motion for Order Approving Payment at Public Expense
Order Approving Payment at Public Expense